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Our tools and services make it easy to manage, promote and grow your business. We use the most advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help your customers find your products through search engines like Google.

Low Fees

It’s free to list your items. Once you make a sale, we collect only a small transaction fee.

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Secure Transactions and Seller Protection

Payments Processed by Stripe and PayPal

Manage your business anywhere

Respond to customers on the go. Use the vendor dashboard to manage orders and update items.

Accept payments online

We handle payment processing. Buyers pay anyway they choose, including Paypal.

Promotional tools that drive sales

Reach more buyers. Promote listings on on social media, email lists, forums, and your personal website.

Hassle-free Shipping

Save money and time. Notify customers about shipping status directly from your vendor dashboard.

Launch a Cutting Edge Online Orchid Store

Orchid Exchange gives you the tools, to create your own online store. We use the latest web technologies, so you can focus on growing your plants while we grow your business.

As a shop owner you customize your shop anyway you like. Personalize your cover photo and store logo. As well as social media links, shop, and plant descriptions. You will be surprised by the amount of customization and easy configuration.

The Vendor Dashboard, Gives A Complete Overview Of Your Store

The dashboard allows you to see how well your products are doing, and measure the performance of your store. You can view recent orders, total products sold, commissions, and more. You can also control what data you want to see, based on a specific period of time.

Product Management

You add and configure your products, through an easy to use product form. You set pricing, description, photos, stock quantity, and more. Be assured products are displayed as you intend.

Coupon Management

Create coupons for your store. Configure all coupon aspects, including coupon value, limits, and restrictions. Coupons applicable to all products, or just one, your choice.

Automated Payments

Payments are automatically taken care of. By adding your PayPal account, payments are automatically distributed on each sale.

Order Tracking

Easily track orders and print shipping labels. With the option, to import sales into Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

Side-by-side listing of a $40 product on EBay compared to Orchid Exchange.


Total Fees Per $40 Sale --> $12.26*

Transaction Fee = 10%
Listing Fee = $0.30
Processing Fee = 2.90%
Gallery Plus = $1
Listing Designer = $0.3
Subtitle = $1.5
Bold = $4
Manage Inventory = $15.99/mo
Recurring costs each month if item listed is not sold

30% savings compared to EBay, and nearly 200% if all Ebay features are used.

Orchid Exchange

Total Fees Per $40 Sale --> $4

Transaction Fee = 10%
Listing Fee = Included
Processing Fee = Included
Gallery Plus = Included
Listing Designer = Included
Subtitle = Included
Bold = Included
Manage Inventory = Included
No Recurring costs each month if item listed is not sold

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